Like a Boss, with Vichi Jagannathan of Rural Opportunities Institute

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Episode notes
Vichi Jagannathan is the Co-Founder of the Rural Opportunity Institute (ROI). She started her career as a high school science teacher in North Carolina, before spending two years expanding Microsoft’s TEALS computer science education program into California. Then she worked with the design firm IDEO to develop “Real Talk,” a mobile sex education app with over 10,000 downloads. After graduating from Yale School of Management with her MBA in 2017, she co-founded Rural Opportunity Institute (ROI) with Seth Saeugling.ROI builds the capacity of rural communities to support people’s healing from generational trauma to achieve health, safety, connection, and self-determination. To date, they have reached over 15K people in those communities with training and support, and have big plans to scale their efforts.The success of ROI quickly launched Vichi and he ...   ...  Read more
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