FDA Approves Neurolink in Human for Elon, Debt Ceiling No Solution in Sight, AI ideology and art

Quantum Bombs by Beth Hagendorf

Episode notes
Russell explains our failing battle against the debt ceiling our failing fiat against a private bank printing money into existence. RFK attends a bitcoin conference and Joe Biden still won’t debate him. Whales attack boats. 6 drones visit Moscow but it wasn’t Ukraine. Tara Reade a sexual assault acuser of Joe Biden seeks citizenship from Putin in Russia. The Who Treaty threatens to take full power and ownership over our powers before and during a pandemic. Elon Musk gets the FDA neurolink chip in their brain. How long before everyday humans wants this technology in their brain. Due to the neurolink and AI, UBI, Universal Basic Income is implemented. AI ideology and art. SPAM calls and what our world will look like in 20-30 years.
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