14 - Film Rights & Hype Trains, with Nicholas Binge

Publishing Rodeo: The Good, The Bad, and the Bloody Ugly by Sunyi Dean

Episode notes

After years of unsuccessful querying and one small-press book, Nick finally hit it big with a break-out novel. Billed among this year's top sci-fi thrillers, ASCENSION is hot property, and has gone to auction in multiple countries--including for its film/tv options.

Today, Nick sits down to chat with us about navigating the world of film/tv options, and how it intersects with book publishing. In addition to talking about the money side, he also defines key terms, gives an overview of the process, and debunks the myth of authors 'needing' a social media platform.

NOTE: For the first time ever, we've deployed our 'alien warp' sound effect to censor a couple of names and companies that come up during the chat, as some details are under NDA. Please do not be too alarmed by the weird noise when you hear it!

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