Episode 7: Preparing for a F.A.B. Retirement, with The New Retirementality book review, PART 3

P$yFi | Psychological Finance by The Redstone Rocket

Episode notes

Whether you’re 30 years or 30 days from retirement, this 3-part book-review series will prepare you what Olivia calls a F.A.B. Retirement. She wants you to have the Financial, Affective, and Behavioral skills to prepare. Most employees are aimlessly wandering toward retirement. Without true direction, you’ll likely end up somewhere you didn’t want to go. Following the book by Mitch Anthony, The New Retirementality, Olivia will challenge your personal I.R.A. (Individual Retirement Attitude) and assess whether it is consistent with your retirement values and goals, facilitating a truer sense of direction. Army endorsement is not implied. Several books on retirement exist, and you are encouraged to find the best book that resonates with your values. If you  ... 

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