Ep 19: Jane Newbound on Accessing Treatment

Published: May 06 2020

Episode 19 we discuss with Jane Newbound, a senior nurse with over 40-years of experience and who is currently co-ordinating aged care projects in the Southern Metropolitan Region Palliative Care Consortium. Jane has experience in the public and private sector as well as with the accreditation in aged care. Jane draws on her lived experiences everyday working in a catchment with over 160 facilities providing care to about more than 13,000 residents.

We discuss the options confronting the management of residents infected with Covid-19 and consider the optimal arrangements. We explore with Jane the challenges of setting up a facility and health service specifically for residents who are confirmed Covid-19 positive cases. The workforce, resources and access to health services requirements are explored in an honest, fearless and direct manner. The episode concludes with reflections on the past two months around what has worked and what needs to improve.