Ep 12: Op-Ed - An Open letter to the Prime Minister, Health Minister & Aged Care Minister

Published: Apr 24 2020

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister, Health Minister and Aged Care Minister

We want the same thing. But what we need to safely ease restrictions on our Aged Care Residents, is the re-establishment of trust in, and transparency from, the Federal Government. To save our loved ones from the harm of isolation, we need to be able to trust that the measures being adopted have been properly thought out, committed to, and will be vigilantly monitored, so that we can trust our family and friends in Aged Care will be safe.

The difficulty here for you is this. The foundations of the Australian Aged Care system, as the current Royal Commission has pointed out, has suffered serious neglect and is failing our residents already.

So, to reduce the lockout harm, the Government needs to rapidly fix these foundation issues to provide a foundation for Covid prevention and management measures. A system based on a house of cards will simply collapse.