Ep 4: Discussion with Marie Crossland (CEO Napier Street RACS)

Published: Mar 31 2020

Episode 4 provides a discussion of Prof Joe’s first action point – Lockdown hard, Lockdown now.

As a society we’re being told stay home and not have visitors. Yet nursing homes are still allowed visitors despite residents being in their home.

Join Prof Joe and Marie Crossland (CEO Napier Street Aged Care Services) for a discussion on why they advocate for harder lockdown restrictions in aged care facilities. They describe what this may look like in nursing homes and address the difficult scenarios, such as family members who provide vital daily care for their elderly relatives.

On today’s episode:

~ How are nursing homes maintaining contact during the current lockdown?

~ What will a complete lockdown look like?

~ How do residents and families feel about the lockdown restrictions?

~ Should there be any exceptions to these restrictions?


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