S2022 E06 - Navigating the Holidays with Chronic Illnesses (During COVID)

Project N95 Presents by Project N95
Listen to "Project N95 Presents" from 12/14/2022, as we cover topics such as how to be supportive, how to manage if you have chronic illnesses, and more.We are joined by Sarah Shaw and Tinu Abayomi-Paul. Sarah Shaw is the Senior Manager of BIPOC Community Outreach at the Global Healthy Living Foundation, and Tinu Abayomi-Paul is DEI speak  ...  See more
Jan 09 2023

Anne Miller 0:28
ongoing basis. So with that I'm most importantly I wanted to share with you that Morning Okay, good afternoon. My name is Dan Miller. I want to welcome you to our Twitter space. It's entitled chronic illness COVID and the holidays. Most importantly, I wanted to share with you that project and I'm the executive director here. At project n95. We are a national nonprofit committed to equitable access to respiratory protection. A lot of people think of us as the mask people, but really, we are really much more than that. And it's really important to me that we seek we engage in active listening and then we work to find ways to respond to meet. I'm delighted all of you to join us today to discuss how we can support everyone with chronic illness throughout the holidays. I kno

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