S2022 E03 - Project N95: Q&A

Project N95 Presents by Project N95

Listen to "Project N95 Presents" from 09/28/2022, as we cover topics such as mask fit, mask types, and more.

We are joined by Lara and Rachel, from our Customer Support Team.

Jan 10 2023

Anne Miller 3:19
Evening Well, according to my phone is three o'clock Eastern time. Thank you all for joining us here on our first ask me anything Twitter space we're trying to do better spaces more regularly. So appreciate your coming today. I wanted to start off and make a few comments. This is project 95 The Ask Me Anything Twitter space today we have a team from customer support who regularly handles questions along with our social media and our health research team. And so they're here to answer any questions that you guys might have about masks about other topics about our mission. As you know, Project n95 is a national nonprofit dedicated for to equitable access for quality respiratory protection that everybody big or small able to pay or not at all. Everybody deserves access to

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