A Deep Dive Into Coupon Affiliates with Tiara Rea-Palmer

Profitable Performance Marketing by Jamie Birch

Episode notes

Today I talk with Tiara Rea-Palmer, Director of Partnerships at CouponFollow.com. In addition to discussing her career path and how she found Affiliate Marketing, we dive into all things coupon affiliate, including the common perception of coupon affiliates.

Tiara shares, in great detail, the many ways CouponFollow can promote brands, how they use content to drive traffic, and how they can test campaigns to drive the right KPI for any brand.

We also talk a ton about consumer behavior shifts since the beginning of the pandemic, how coupon affiliates need to change, and how to take advantage of the current economic climate.

So, if you are interested in knowing more about CouponFollow or wondering about how to incorporate coupon affiliates into your mix, this episode ... 

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