Castle: The Reverse Flash's Spy Bullshit

Procedural Veneration by Daphne & Hank

Episode notes

The season finale of Procedural Veneration! = HUGE SPOILERS FOR THE TV SHOW CASTLE IN THIS EPISODE =We tire quickly at spy bullshit forced into a perfectly decent crime show. Hank puts together a scene. The Reverse Flash rears his yellow cowled face.Watch the best (S4 E22 Always), worst (S8 E22 LokSat), and median (S7 E2 Montreal) rated episodes along with us and find out.Content Warnings:

  • Homicide

  • Undercover boss

  • Joss Whedon

We also recognize that crime procedurals often are a form of "Copaganda" by portraying civil rights violations and other unlawful actions by representatives of the law in a positive light.Thank you to Jacob Krutulis for our theme song!

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