Andrew-Catherine - Bendigo

Pridefinder: The Rainbow Road Trip Podcast by Victoria's Pride - Midsumma Festival

Episode notes

Andrew-Catherine (they/them) is a 60year old gender fluid person who came out in 2016, around the same time they moved to Bendigo.​

In this episode, Andrew-Catherine discusses their experience of coming out later in life. They reflect on the lack of resources and community connections focused at older queer people and how this can make the journey harder and more lonely. Andrew-Catherine's story is a very interesting one and I hope it will bring some joy and understanding to others, whether they have similar lived experience or not. They sadly reflect on how different life could have been if they were afforded some of the resources and support that young people are given these days and wonder whether they may have decided to fully transition. ​

There are no significant trigger warnings for this episode, but if you find anything distre ... 

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