Episode notes

Caitlin (she/her) is a pansexual woman who is the president and co-founder of Gippsland Pride Initiative.​

In this episode, Caitlin openly and eloquently discusses the hardships and consequences of the Marriage Equality vote. She discusses the many difficulties still facing her LGBTQIA+ community in Gippsland and the incredible advocacy that she is a part of to help shift things. Caitlin is an absolute force of nature who in the 2023 Regional Activation Program spearheaded 16 events throughout all 6 shires of Gippsland. She speaks about Roller Derby and everything it has brought into her life, including her wife, friendship and the birth of the Gippsland Pride Initiative. Caitlin also speaks warmly about the importance of allyship and how that is often the key ingredient to making a real difference. ​

Trigger Warnings:

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