Episode #19: The Defensive Quandary and GW 26 Prep!

Premier League On Tap by Premier League On Tap

Episode notes

Zach and Nate discuss the mess of a double gameweek that was GW25. What to we do with underperforming defenders? Is it time to sell off the Newcastle defense? Is Phil Foden back?!

In the latest installment of Premier League on Tap, the team discusses what we got right & wrong in GW25, as well as each and every relevant fixture of the aforementioned GW26,

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Man City v Newcastle --> 8:00

Arsenal v Bournemouth --> 19:50

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace --> 21:10

Brighton v West Ham --> 29:30

Chelsea v Leeds --> 36:00

Wolves v Tottenham --> 44:30

Southampton v Leicester  ... 

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