Manager Interview w/ Christian Tschirhart (Ep. #22)

Premier League On Tap by Premier League On Tap

Episode notes

The Draft PL space is ripe with hot takes, draft ratings, and FAAB wars today. Amidst the excitement of these discussions, we're taking a moment today to shift our focus. Join us as we sit down with Christian to discuss his experience as a relatively new manager to the space.

With a solid year of experience under his belt, Christian provides us with a glimpse into the realities faced by fresh managers entering this arena. We're taking a step back from the numbers, to shed light on the hurdles and challenges that newcomers encounter in the early stages of their managerial journey. Christian shares some of his personal strategies that have worked, as well as some that haven't.

He even shares a few of his favorite players this year, if you still have time to acquire their services. Tune in as we tap into Christian's insights and get a ta ... 

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