“The Long Answer” by Anna Hogeland Paired with Iconic Santa Lucia Highlands Chardonnay Heroine

Pouring Over Pages by Maritza Lacayo and Alexa Ferra

Episode notes

We had the pleasure of discussing “The Long Answer” by Anna Hogeland (@annawritesinvermont) and we got real personal for this one! This exceptional book gives us the opportunity to reflect on the secrets women keep, those we share, and how we can create connection with those who are experiencing something similar.

Anna, the main character, listens to the stories of other women while also sharing her own with us. These stories are captivating, devastating, honest, frustrating, and beautifully written. For the first time on this podcast, we discussed body image and self-esteem. We were reminded that, as Anna so perfectly put it, our bodies are a single reiteration of the female human body, and that makes us all beautiful.

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