KLIMAVERSARY ft Asfi & Archimedes

Planet of the Klimates by KlimaDAO

Episode notes

In this episode, Phaedrus and Reikuman invite two special guests to help them celebrate KlimaDAO's one year anniversary and look back into the achievements of KlimaDAO throughout the year. The 2 guests were POTK's first interviewee and KlimaDAO's core founder:

  • Asfi: Co-founder of WAGMI LABS

  • Archimedes: C0-founder of KlimaDAO

What they touch on:

(1:48) Asfi highlights of the year

(2:51) Archimedes highlights of the year

(4:10) OlympusDAO and KlimaDAO

(7:04) Launching KlimaDAO

(13:17) Reflecting on the year

(27:57) Klima's First-Mover Advantage

(38:55) Verra's Effect on Klima's Future

(41:37) KlimaDAO's future

(43:37) Closing thoughts

(44:14) Episode Recap


  • Asfi

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