TOKEN2049 Carbon Panelists

Planet of the Klimates by KlimaDAO

Episode notes

The POTK team was invited to Singapore for TOKEN2049. We had the unique opportunity to interview the 3 panelists on carbon panel and dive deeper into each of their experiences and thoughts surrounding the future of carbon markets. The 3 interviewees were:

  • Alex.klima from KlimaDAO

  • BreAnne Yek from Carb0nfi

  • Max Song from Carbonbase

What they touch on:

(1:42) Alex's Background

(3:04) Vera's Public Consultation

(4:33) Demand for Carbon Credits

(6:08) Klima's Anniversary

(7:44) BreAnne's Background

(9:28) Building in Crypto as a Female Founder

(10:33) Stigma of NFT's Carbon Footprint

(12:28) The Future of ReFi

(14:49) Max's Background

(16:27) Carbonbase Mission

(18:03) Shortcomings of Current Emission Trading

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