S01 E09 - S01E09[#009] - The Whale

polyChromatique by Zach and Elaine
Today we discuss the dynamics between the chacters and analysis of central plot points.
Mar 27 2023

Everybody ! And welcome back to the Polychromatic Podcast. I'm your host, Zach, along with my co - host, my mom, Elaine, and we won't just apologize. Has been a couple of weeks since we've put out an episode, but life has gotten busy. And today we wanted to talk about a movie that we saw when you. When it tells what the movie we saw. We saw the whale and we've been wanting to do that for some time. Sack and oh my god, I just. I've been thinking about it since I saw it. I think we thought Friday night we actually watched it two nights in a row. It was so jam packed with so much that the second watch was awesome for me because I even gained more information and insight with the second time through. Yeah, I think the movie. There's a really a lot to unpack. It's. It's. It's pretty dense. Just

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