S01 E06 - S01E06[#006] - Nostalgia with Change is Hard

polyChromatique by Zach and Elaine

Today we use nostalgia to take us back in time to music, people, places and things.

Feb 26 2023

Hey everybody, and welcome back to the polyChromatic Podcast. I am your host, Zach, and I am the co-host, Elaine, and we are now on episode six. The polyChromatic podcast. I mean, God, we're making so many of these things, aren't we ? Well, the problem is not problem, but the great part of it, I should say, is that we get aching and we gotta do it. Yeah, we were ache and earlier in aching, Now we're talking about it. You know, the biggest problem is what kind of. I feel like we. You know, we were not unreal when we do this podcast. But sometimes you and I will have separate conversations where we're like, Damn, we should have just been recording this damn thing. Why are we not recording ? So, you know, we almost need to in the future. We haven't done this yet. Literally put the brake on. C

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