S01 E01 - S01E01[#001] Tipping Etiquette + Podcast Introduction

polyChromatique by Zach and Elaine

This is a cold-opener, first episode of our new, eclectic and life podcast, polychromatique. We appreciate any/all feedback as we work towards building the framework for this podcast in order to further improve its production quality.

Feb 05 2023

Zach: Okay, and where live.

Elaine: Oh my god, we are. What are we doing ? Like, Oh my God ! I can't believe I'm doing this like. I don't know. We talked about this. We've got the equipment and we're actually doing this. Why do we decided to do this ?

Zach: I think we think that we're interesting, or we've been told we're interesting. The conversations that we have are interesting. I don't feel so entitled to think. And I don't think you do either. To think that what's going to set aside from podcasting from anyone else other than to say that maybe some of the conversations that we have and we've had in the past, people, you know, had wind of it, heard, you know, within earshot, and been like: hey, that's interesting, you know, And also we've.... I think we've distilled on topics before

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