Intimidating Stage Persona vs Charming Personality?! - Polecast Show Ep. #2: Guest Show feat. Onyx

Published: Nov 26 2020

Welcome to the Pole Art Vault’s Polecast Show!

I’m Chloé, the founder of the Pole Art Vault and this is your podcast where we talk about pole art, pole dance, personal development, and improving your mindset. We'll be uploading weekly content here so make sure you're subscribed to our channel!

For our second episode, we have our mystical motions king - Onyx!

Is this REALLY the same person?! Onyx talks about his captivating unique style - the dark, intimidating stage persona and how he found his individualism (SPOILER ALERT: he is SUPER charming and a tad dorky in real life - everyone is obsessed with him!)

I hope you leave this episode with some great tips that can help you and your well-being.

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