Optimistic Projections

Polaris Perspective by Jeff Powell & Jeremy Witbeck

Episode notes

A year ago, business and economic leaders were looking beyond COVID to what they were perceiving as better times — when the pandemic would be a thing of the past, the economy would rebound, and ‘normal,’ as in the life we experienced before March of 2020, would return.

Most of that, especially the parts about COVID being over and returning to normal, didn’t happen. And that explains why, a year later, amidst another strong surge in COVID cases, there is optimism about the year ahead, but also some significant hedging of bets.

We just can’t predict what will happen with this pandemic or with many of its side effects, everything from an unprecedented workforce shortage to inflation and supply chain woes, but Jeff Powell & Jeremy Witbeck discuss insights and tips for making sure you take action, if needed, to start this new year fee ... 

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