Conversations with Owens Community College President Dr. Dione D. Somerville

by Dr. Dione D. Somerville

“Conversations with Owens Community College President Dr. Dione D. Somerville” is an award-winning podcast featuring a variety of leaders in education, public service, business and civic life. Host Dr. Dione D. Somerville is the president of Owens Community College, a premier two-year college serving students across Northwest Ohio. Dr. Somerville engages each guest with critical questions about their education, career and pr ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Blanchard Valley Health System President/CEO Myron D. Lewis

    Blanchard Valley Health System President/CEO Myron D. Lewis

    In this episode of the Conversations podcast, Dr. Dione D. Somerville sits down with Myron D. Lewis, MSW, MBA, FACHE, the president and chief executive officer of Blanchard Valley Health System in Findlay. Blending clinical expertise with strategic and operational leadership, he has served in many leadership capacities and provided direct patient care as a social worker and counselor. Lewis specializes in organizational planning, leadership development, innovation and process transformation. Passionate about healthcare and the community, he is driven by collaboration, transparency and the convention that quality care starts with a commitment to the organization’s associates. Myron’s journey began at Michigan State University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in industrial and organizational psychology. He went on to earn his Master of Science degree in clinical social work from Western Michigan University and later a Master of Business Administration degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. With 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Lewis began his current role at Blanchard Valley Health System in January 2021. His previous positions include serving as president of Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital, Network Executive Leader of the Community Health Network in Indianapolis and roles at Indiana University Health Saxony Hospital and McLaren Northern Michigan Regional Hospital. Lewis is active in the community, serving as a board member of Findlay Hancock County Economic Development and the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio, as well as a member of the Findlay Rotary Club and a committee member of the Ohio Hospital Association.

  • TMACOG Executive Director Sandy Spang

    TMACOG Executive Director Sandy Spang

    In this episode, Dr. Dione D. Somerville sits down with Sandy Spang, Executive Director of the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG). Spang plays a crucial role in steering Northwest Ohio toward a brighter future through her commitment to economic development, community empowerment, and regional planning. A graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sandy has blended her business insight with her passion for economic and community development. With more than 19 years of experience in the economic workforce, Sandy took her current leadership position at TMACOG in May 2023. Her tenure is distinguished by her innovative approach to bridging gaps in community needs, fostering opportunities for economic growth, and strengthening the community fabric of Northwest Ohio. Before taking the helm at TMACOG, Sandy had a diverse career that included significant contributions to the City of Toledo, both as the Deputy Director of Economic Development and as an elected member of the Toledo City Council. During this time, she spearheaded the development of the Permit Planner, a tool simplifying the permitting process for businesses and residents alike, and played a pivotal role in the Forward Cities E3 program, enhancing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition to her public service, Sandy is a successful business owner, having launched Plate 21, a coffee shop that has remained a beloved community staple since 2009. Her business acumen and firsthand experience in entrepreneurship further inform her approach to economic development. Sandy Spang's leadership at TMACOG is a testament to her dedication to not only enhancing economic opportunities but also enriching the lives of the community members she serves. Her strategic vision, rooted in collaboration and innovation, continues to move Northwest Ohio toward sustainable growth and prosperity.

  • Findlay Hancock County Economic Development Director Dan Sheaffer

    Findlay Hancock County Economic Development Director Dan Sheaffer

    Listeners, please tell us about YOU by taking our four-question Listener Survey! In this episode, Dr. Dione D. Somerville sits down with Dan Sheaffer, director of Findlay Hancock County Economic Development. Sheaffer has a pivotal role in shaping Northwest Ohio’s future by attracting new investments, supporting business expansion and fostering a vibrant economic landscape. A multi-generational native of Findlay, Dan graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University. With more than a decade at Findlay Hancock County Economic Development, Dan was promoted to his current role in November 2022. His tenure in economic development is marked by a keen focus on managing and implementing strategic projects that promote sustainable growth and prosperity in the region. Before dedicating his career to economic development, Dan was deeply involved in the business sector. As the general manager of Garden-Aire LLC, he led efforts in consumer product innovation, development and distribution, focusing on enhancing environmental and home and garden experiences. Prior to this, he served as the general manager of Tax & Financial Strategies Inc. for over 15 years, where he specialized in client investment policy and asset management as a Registered Investment Advisor in Northwest Ohio. Throughout his career, Sheaffer has demonstrated a commitment to fostering economic development, innovation and strategic growth. His leadership at Findlay Hancock County Economic Development is a testament to his dedication to enhancing the economic well-being and quality of life for the residents and businesses of Findlay and Hancock County, Ohio.

  • Knight Insurance Group Talent Management Director Tom Daniels

    Knight Insurance Group Talent Management Director Tom Daniels

    Listeners, please tell us about YOU by taking our four-question Listener Survey! In this episode, Dr. Dione D. Somerville sits down with Tom Daniels, director of Talent Management for Knight Insurance Group and Owens Community College alumni and member of the Owens Community College Foundation board of directors. Daniels has carved a niche in Northwest Ohio as a trusted coach, adviser, speaker and volunteer. His passion lies in empowering leaders to make a significant impact in their communities, which he believes starts with recognizing everyone's innate leadership potential and desire to contribute positively. Tom's academic achievements, including a master's in Organizational Development from Bowling Green State University, a bachelor's in Liberal Arts from the University of Toledo, and an associate degree in Marketing and Sales from Owens Community College, provide a solid foundation for his professional endeavors and community engagement. Before his tenure at Knight Insurance Group, he served as the Associate Director of Graduate & Executive Programs in Business at Bowling Green State University, shaping the future of business education and executive training. His career also includes significant roles at MRops Inc. and TNS, where he focused on executive interviewing services and learning & development, respectively. Daniels is also heavily involved in his community, serving as chair of Alumni Connections for Owens Community College; a board member for Avenues for Autism; a board member of Leadership Toledo; and chair of Networking for the Northwest Ohio Human Resource Association.

  • Trellis Strategies Managing Director Bryan Ashton

    Trellis Strategies Managing Director Bryan Ashton

    Listeners, please tell us about YOU by taking our four-question Listener Survey! In this episode, Dr. Dione D. Somerville sits down with Bryan Ashton, the chief strategy and growth officer of Trellis and head of Trellis Strategies. Trellis is a nonprofit corporation with a mission to develop and advance initiatives that grow individual economic mobility and expand community prosperity. Bryan's career trajectory has been marked by a deep commitment to enhancing the financial literacy and success of college students. Ashton’s journey began at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting. He went on to get his Master’s of Education with a focus in Higher Education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Before starting with Trellis more than eight years ago, Ashton had spent six years working in financial wellness and student affairs at Ohio State, where he developed a keen understanding of the challenges students face in financing their education. Ashton is also co-founder of the Higher Education Financial Wellness Alliance, a network of professionals dedicated to bringing together post-secondary organizations to inform national conversations that impact the financial wellness field, public policy and educational support services. Beyond his professional endeavors, Ashton is a sought-after speaker and advocate for higher education reform. His work is driven by a belief in the transformative power of education and the importance of equitable access to financial resources. His commitment to student success is reflected in his leadership at Trellis, where he continues to champion initiatives that empower students to navigate the financial complexities of higher education with confidence and resilience. His approach combines data-driven research with community engagement, fostering collaborations that lead to meaningful policy changes and support services for students.