Planar Defense Agency - Mission 1C : Arachni-daddy's, Bloodhounds and Dangerous Dark Woods

Only Wizards in the Dungeon Podcast by Only Wizards in the Dungeon Podcast

Episode notes

Welcome Agents to the PDA, the Planar Defense Agency, defending reality one existential crisis at a time. This second audio recording covers the continued exploits of Agent Umber (Grayson Golka) and Agent Gumbagge Yellow (William Guryvech) in a Perils & Princesses universe.

In this recording, the Agents in their princess avatars deal with a giant spider, find unlikely allies at Ye Old Olive Garden, and finally solve the dastardly kidnapping of the visiting prince. It has been recorded for training purposes, please take notes to improve your performance agents.

This episode includes profanity.

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