The Jai Singh Show

by Nitin Jai Singh Siwach

Some anecdotes from the stories behind the creation of some of my poetry. That is what Season 2 will be all about. Season 1 is where you can find all my poetries. Instagram: @oldschoolbastard It has been a long time coming that we take a step forward and proceed to other platforms. Here is a start! I would like to give a special mention to all those poets who have been featured in some of my work esp. Faiz Sahab, Faraz Sahab an... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E59 - EP 6 : Santalees | Written and Narrated by Jai Singh

    S01 E59 - EP 6 : Santalees | Written and Narrated by Jai Singh

    A small stroy and narrative inspired by partition. Sometimes I feel that it is my past life and that is all I am going to say about it.

  • S01 E58 - Farz Karo | Ibn E Insha

    S01 E58 - Farz Karo | Ibn E Insha

    Farz karne ko to bahut kuch hai jo farz kiya ja sakta haiNarrated by : Jai SinghMusic: SD Barman (intended for fair use only)Follow me on instagram:

  • S01 E57 - Ghar

    S01 E57 - Ghar

    Sometimes when you lose your loved one, you realise that there is so much of them around you that it gets difficult to forget them. This one is all about that feeling.Music: Bharat Chauhan (intended for fair use only)Written and N...

  • S01 E56 - Jalao Mujhe

    S01 E56 - Jalao Mujhe

    _ what is love if it can be destroyed by the attempts of the world? A love that never gives up is the love that sustains it all.Music: MM Keeravani (intended for fair use only)Written and Narrated by: Jai SinghFollow me on Instagr...

  • S01 E55 - Ep 5: "Turtuk"

    S01 E55 - Ep 5: "Turtuk"

    This is about a thought that keeps calling me every now and then. This is about those little moments of joy that we keep overlooking in order to achieve something important in life (pseudo importance). Special thanks to Ranna Sill...