REVELATION 1:1-3 A PICTURE of Jesus, A PROPHECY fulfilled or PLAYBOOK for the apocalypse?

O C N W T R by Dr. Ryan Delamater

Episode notes

A PICTURE of Jesus , a PROPHECY fulfilled or a PROGRAM for the apocalypse We are a local church that began in May 2019 with 3 people ( a mixed martial arts champ, a chief of police & 1 kook surfer in a Jui Jitsui studio on Wednesday Nights in San Clemente CA in May 2019. We started with a few idiots and we’ve never looked back! Since our humble beginning with no money and 3 people we have helped start 45 churches in 5 states and 6 countries (California, El Salvador, Indonesia, Sweden, Pakistan & Argentina) that help about 1200 people become disciples of Jesus and have provided 40,000+ liters of water for people. Each of our churches have a few to 40 people in them Our SCOREBOARD SALT WATER - culture Waves ridden : all over the world CLEAN WATER - cause Water Produced : 40,000 liters LIVING WATER - Christ Churches Planted : 45 in 6 Countri ... 

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