E10 - Deep Healing

Obstacles Under the Surface by Katie Wenger

It is there, it is within you, the power to heal deeply. Journey into the awareness of what your body and mind are trying to tell you. Learn how to heal and move forward. Pain and obstacles are often operating under the surface, causing or playing a part until it is resolved.

Mar 22 2023

Welcome to this episode of Obstacles Under the Surface.
As always, I'm Katie Wenger, your host, psychotherapist, author, course developer, and consultant.
And I love talking on this podcast about the things I've learned through my sessions with
clients and through my studies over the years, hoping that they can be helpful to you, to give
you the perspective that you need to improve your life and to uncover those unconscious obstacles
and move forward a healthier and more peaceful person. Today we're going to be talking about
deep healing and to access that deep healing takes getting through some fear because it's
fearful to change and it is fearful to think about conceptualizing things in a different way
or your life being different. It can impact individuals differently and during various

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