95% Heaven

Nourish Your Biblical Roots with Yael Eckstein by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

This week, host Yael Eckstein comes to us from the Holy Land with a very special guest. Adele Raemer is a mother, grandmother, blogger, teacher, hospital clown, and an Israeli.

After growing up in the U.S., Adele made aliyah to her Jewish homeland after the Yom Kippur War of 1973, and has for decades made her home on a kibbutz in southern Israel—a green, beautiful home that she says was always “95% heaven.”

But all of that changed on October 7th. Like so many kibbutzim living near Israel’s border with Gaza, Adele found herself and her loved ones under attack by Hamas terrorists. Unlike so many of their neighbors and countrymen, Adele and her family survived. But like so many survivors of the attack, they have yet to return to their little slice of heaven, the home that they love.

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