#130- Kel Adore: Budding Singer-Songwriter Shares Her Journey Thus Far

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff by Jackson Huff
This week I chat with singer-songwriter Kel Adore about the process of finding your voice both literally and figurative. We talk about her journey from Colorado/Utah to the bright lights of Los Angeles to start her career in music. We also discuss the need to remain true yourself in a business with a lot of people wanting to guide you...s  ...  See more
Mar 01 2023

Welcome to Not In A Huff with Jackson Huff where we interview newsmakers,
storytellers, and all-around interesting people. Sit back, relax, unless you're
driving. And enjoy the show. Here's Jackson. Hello, hello, hello. I am Jackson Huff. This
is Not In A Huff. Thanks so much for joining me. As always, really appreciate it.
This week I'm speaking with Kel Adore. Now, you've seen me talk to some up-and-coming
music artists in the past. I think I've talked to some people in the country music world,
one that was kind of in the hard rock world. Kel is, she's kind of, she's gonna talk exactly about
what her sound is like. It's kind of a mixture, I think she says, between Lady Gaga and Justin
Bieber and a bunch of other people. We're gonna get into all of that, but she's doing some amazing

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