#129- Ralph Velasco: Life As An International Tour Guide and Photographer

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff by Jackson Huff
This week is a snapshot into the life of Ralph Velasco a travel photographer and tour company owner. We talk about how he went from the typical business world grind to a life traversing the world. He tells us what makes his tours unique, some of his favorite places to visit, and some helpful tips for travelers and photographers alike.____  ...  See more
Feb 22 2023

Welcome to Not In A Huff with Jackson Huff where we interview newsmakers,
storytellers and all around interesting people. Sit back, relax, unless you're
driving and enjoy the show. Here's Jackson.
Hello, hello, hello. I am Jackson Huff. This is Not In A Huff. Thanks so much for
joining me. As always, we appreciate it. This week I'm interviewing Ralph Velasco.
Now, Ralph is another traveler. He comes to us in kind of a different way than a
lot of the travelers I have spoken with. It's that he owns not one but two tour
companies. So, you know, they both kind of have similarities, of course, but one is
a little bit more focused on the photography side of things. Now that
doesn't mean you have to be a complete, you know, photography whiz, but he kind of
takes people in areas that I guess are p

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