#085- Melissa Becraft: Inside the World of an NBA Dance Team Captain and TikTok Star

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff by Jackson Huff
This week I speak with Melissa Becraft who shares her journey in dance from a small South Carolina town to the bright lights of New York City. Like many stories it starts with shared apartments and almost giving up. But, almost isn’t giving up and her perseverance has taking her to some really amazing heights. We talk in this episode abou  ...  See more
Apr 20 2022

Welcome to Not In A Huff with Jackson Huff where we interview newsmakers,
storytellers, and all-around interesting people. Sit back, relax, unless you're
driving, and enjoy the show. Here's Jackson. Hello, hello, hello. I am Jackson Huff.
This is Not In A Huff. Thanks for joining me. As always, really appreciate it.
Another amazing guest for you and another one in the series of Let's Learn
about some very interesting professions. This one, back in the arts world, back in
the dance world, we've talked to ballet dancers, Irish dancers, all those type of
areas in the art world. This time we're going to talk to someone who is a dancer
as well. I guess what she has been known for is two things. One being she is on an
NBA dance team. Before the basketball games, meeting fans, during
half-time da

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