#043- Gina L. Osborn: Former FBI Organized Crime Unit Leader and Army Counterintelligence Special Agent

Published: Jun 30 2021

Everyone has seen the movies of government counterintelligence agents tracking international criminals and stopping them just in time to save us from global catastrophe. I am sure you have also watched movies with organized crime bosses running a neighborhood and getting busted from a complex FBI stake out operation. Have you ever wondered just what it is like to actually work these jobs in real life? This week I speak with former US Army Counterintelligence Agent and retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Gina L. Osborn, about spending her career working to keep us safe from some pretty sinister things. From Cold War Spies in Europe to Gang Bosses in “Little Saigon” she has lead quite the career. This was an amazing conversation about life in counterintelligence and breaking through in a career that was largely male dominated and still has a lot of room for growth.