Episode 25 - Taylor Ellwood Walking with Elemental Spirits

North Witch by Azariel Flame & Sandra Von Hollen

Episode notes

We had Taylor Ellwood on the show to talk about his new book, Walking with Elemental Spirits!

BOOK 3: WALKING WITH ELEMENTAL SPIRITS: HOW TO WORK WITH ELEMENTAL SPIRITS AND GET CONSISTENT RESULTS In Walking with Elemental Spirits I share the modern system I’ve developed for working with elemental spirits that gets you consistent results while helping you build collaborative relationships with the elemental spirits. The elemental spirits can be potent allies to work with and in this book you’ll learn how the practical magic skills that you can use to forge strong relationships with the elemental spirits that allow you to work with them as allies. In this book you will also learn the following: The classic Hermetic and Taoist systems of the 5 elements, and my modernized system of elemental magic. How to connect with elemental spirits using e ... 

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