No More Parties In LAExplicit

by Teddy Burns

This is the the audiobook version of the award-winning novella, "No More Parties In LA," written by Teddy Burns and read by Nate Stephenson. All art by Liam Stride.  

Podcast episodes

  • E08 - EPISODE 8

    E08 - EPISODE 8Explicit

    now i've sung what i should've said

  • E07 - EPISODE 7

    E07 - EPISODE 7Explicit

    please stop wondering why you feel so bad

  • E06 - EPISODE 6

    E06 - EPISODE 6Explicit

    my whole life the clock was stuck at midnight

  • E05 - EPISODE 5

    E05 - EPISODE 5Explicit

    nothing but fake friends

  • E04 - EPISODE 4

    E04 - EPISODE 4Explicit

    hey baby let's get away, let's go somewhere far