E02 - Donut Wars!

No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast by No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast
What do Nazis and the bin Laden family have to do with coffee? Find out in this week's episode of Donut Wars! We contrast and compare Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts coffee (and doughnuts!) and learn about their fascinating and, at times, dark histories. Can we find no bad reviews in these staples of Americana?"So the evil heads of power  ...  See more
Feb 08 2022

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This podcast is brought to you by modest coffee, single origin coffee without the snobbery go to www dot modest dot coffee forward slash no bad reviews to see what coffees they're roasting today cheers

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Hello and welcome to no bad reviews colon a coffee podcast, a podcast where we try coffee any coffee and give no bad reviews their second episode and you're here. Welcome. I'm Jenni and I run all the operations at a coffee company called modest coffee.

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And I'm Marcus 2021 Good Food Award winning coffee roaster also at modest coffee.

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And I'm Stephanie and I have been the employee of the month at modest coffee for 32 consecutive months. Here's how this works. We are going to try the coffee black. We're going to add cream and sugar. We're g

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