E01 - Maple Bacon Coffee

No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast by No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast
IT'S OUR FIRST EPISODE! We are so excited to share our coffee review podcast with the world! We are three specialty coffee industry professionals (and friends) on a quest to try any coffee and humorously give no bad reviews.In this first episode, Jenni considered choosing a Panama Gesha but instead reached for a bag of Maple Bacon from Da  ...  See more
Jan 31 2022

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This podcast is brought to you by Modest Coffee, single origin coffee without the snobbery go to www dot modest dot coffee forward slash no bad reviews to see what coffees they're roasting today. Cheers

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So I'm Jenni. I'm Marcus. And I'm Stephanie. And this is No Bad Reviews, colon, a coffee podcast, and we are here to try a bunch of different coffees. Every week we're gonna try a new one. And we're going to give no bad reviews. And we're gonna learn something about coffee and maybe about ourselves.

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Why should you give a shit about what we have to say about coffee? Well, I work for a coffee company and I have been employed for 32 months running. And that is why my opinion counts. What do you guys do? I work for a coffee company too. And I won a good

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