Mistakes We’ve Made And Debts We’ve Paid Explicit

by Royce And Wayne

Hello and welcome to mistakes we’ve made and debts we’ve paid. A podcast about a lifetime of mistakes, mishaps, and poor choices. Where we really lean into the pain and laugh at all our cringy moments. Big and small we tell them all. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E49 - Mistakes Wayne’s Made And Women He’s Laid

    S01 E49 - Mistakes Wayne’s Made And Women He’s Laid Explicit

    It’s good to be back! We’ve missed y’all! We’re working on getting back on schedule!https://solo.to/mwmadwp

  • S01 E48 - Volun-told

    S01 E48 - Volun-told Explicit

    Who doesn’t love the holidays? We don’t and here’s a few reasons why! Please check out our merch! Thank you!https://solo.to/mwmadwp

  • S01 E47 - THE Episode

    S01 E47 - THE Episode Explicit

    Wayne has had this one on his chest for a while and finally gets some stuff of his chest.https://solo.to/mwmadwp

  • S01 E46 - Fucklore

    S01 E46 - FuckloreExplicit

    Don’t forget to check out our merch! https://solo.to/mwmadwp

  • S01 E45 - A LA 6

    S01 E45 - A LA 6Explicit

    What’s up guys! Thanks for listening! Please keep up with the reviews! Don’t forget to check out our merch!https://solo.to/mwmadwp