Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E01 - The Pope Doesn't Check His Instagram

    S03 E01 - The Pope Doesn't Check His InstagramExplicit

    Stephen and Dinesh return yet again for a discussion about change, social media, and monks. This may be the first episode without any mention of aliens by Dinesh.

  • Season 2

  • S02 E07 - A Million Dwayne "the Rock" Johnsons

    S02 E07 - A Million Dwayne "the Rock" JohnsonsExplicit

    I feel like the title says it all, but this episode gets a little crazy. Dinesh and Stephen sit down with a duo of special guests, Andrew and Zach.

  • S02 E06 - For Legal Reasons

    S02 E06 - For Legal ReasonsExplicit

    Stephen sits down with special guest Mikey to discuss death, drugs, and if humans ever grow as individuals. Sit down and brace yourself.

  • S02 E05 - Who's Captain Cook?

    S02 E05 - Who's Captain Cook?Explicit

    Are there ever too many cooks? What's the 50 worst horror movies? Are all 50 of them Spiderman 3? We'll find out with special guest Brandon.

  • S02 E04 - Is It Yoked or Yolked?

    S02 E04 - Is It Yoked or Yolked?Explicit

    How do you say it? Should you wear an outfit as soon as you buy it? Is love an illusion? All equally important questions. Dinesh, Stephen, and returning guest Trad give you their opinions.