"Unlocking Creativity: Three Key Changes for Busy Band Directors"

Band Director Boot Camp by Lesley Moffat

Episode notes

In this episode of Band Director Boot Camp, host Lesley Moffat invites Dr. Lori Schwartz Reichl to discuss how band directors can unlock their creativity and find balance in their lives. Dr. Reichl shares three key changes that can transform the way band directors approach their profession and personal well-being.

  1. The Power of "No": Dr. Reichl emphasizes that saying "no" doesn't necessarily mean rejecting something outright. It can mean "not now" or "not in this format." By carefully considering commitments and being open to exploring alternative options, band directors can better align their activities with their goals.

  2. Expanding Your Circle: Dr. Reichl encourages band directors to expand their network beyond their local community. The pandemic and social media have made it easier to connect with colleagues globally, ... 

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