1 - Freebirthing, breech birth & birth story integration - Gauri Algar from the Yoni Tree

Mothermouth by Steph Wehowski

Episode notes

In this first episode, I have the pleasure of conversing with Gauri, a remarkable individual who serves as a freebirthing doula and facilitates a birth story circle right here in Frome, a town nestled in the west country of the UK.

Gauri shares insights from her background in psychology and trauma-focused healing, revealing how her spiritual journey and tantric healing work intertwined with her experiences giving birth to her two sons, ultimately guiding her towards becoming a freebirthing doula. Her stories illuminate the transformative power of birth, including a vaginal breech birth.

We talk about elements and practices that nurture a conducive birthing process, exploring ways to prepare for and honour this rite of passage. Gauri also addresses the topic of birth trauma and the importance of integrating birth stories, acknowledging ... 

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