E01 - His End, Our Beginning

The Man, The Myth, The Pumpkin by Sophia Sarro
The princeps is dead, long live the princeps. The year is 54 C.E. The emperor Claudius has just died, and a new Claudius has come to take his place - a fictional Claudius straight from the pages of Seneca the Younger's Apocolocyntosis Divi Claudii, whose boundless cruelty is rivalled only by his own mind-numbing obliviousness. What is Sen  ...  See more
Dec 02 2022

It is disturbingly easy to break your life down into story beats.

If you were asked to, it would probably take you a matter of minutes to sift through every experience that you remember, separating what's useful from what's not. Not just that, but you could spin your life into /several/ stories - each with a different set of events, sometimes overlapping but framed in different ways, conveying a different mood and serving a different purpose. The same memory could be a comedic vignette in one story and a meaningful turning point in another. The absolute crux of one story might not even /appear/ in another.

Now imagine spinning stories out of a life you've only heard about /in stories/ - I know, I'm asking you to imagine the entire genre of historical fiction, but bear with me here. Not o

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