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Red Panda Report by MJ Muñoz
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May 22 2023

This is MJ, I'm an author, I'm an artist, I'm an analyzer. You can find all my work at MJMunoz.com.
Welcome to Red Panda Adventures number six, or rather Red Panda Report number six,
Fame Monster, where I will be analyzing and discussing Red Panda Adventures number six.
And to start it off, I'll let you know that the episode is titled Death Danced at Midnight,
and that it originally aired or was released on December 24th, 2005, which is a while ago.
It was written and directed by Greg Taylor. This is episode six, of course, of season one,
which has 12 episodes, and the synopsis for the episode goes like this. Will Holland was sentenced
to die for his crimes. That should have been the end of the story. But one year later, the jurors
that condemned him are sharing his fate one by one. With t

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