Red Panda Adventure 2 Review – RPR 002 Fear is a Friend

Red Panda Report by MJ Muñoz

Episode notes

FULL SHOW NOTES Join MJ as he analyzes the thrilling Red Panda Adventures 2 Night Patrol! Red Panda is an audio drama series inspired by The Shadow and other Pulp heroes. #RedPandaAdventures #TheShadow #AudioDrama #OldTimeRadio #RadioDramaRPA002 "Night Patrol" - October 29, 2005Written and Directed by: Gregg TaylorSeason 1:002-012 What do superheroes do when they don't have a case? Why they go out looking for trouble of course! They'll find more than they bargained for when The Red Pandas new sidekick Kit Baxter, The Flying Squirrel joins her partner on her very first Night Patrol! Home - - ... 

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