This is MJ. I'm an author, I'm an artist, I'm an analyzer. You can find all my work at
This is Ultra...
Galaxy... No, that's not right.
This is another episode of Going Ultra.
I'm talking about Ultraman Zet Episode 13,
which is called I'll Feast on Metals!
And this is a clip show.
I'm calling my, uh...
I'm calling my review of it ultra-clipped, both because it's
reflecting the fact that it's about a clip show,
and the fact that it's going to be short, or clipped, as is said in some...
I don't know. It's not language or dialect, but just, it's another way of saying fast, right?
Fast or cut short.
He spoke in a clip dialect.
Anyway, so, yes, this was a clip show.
I generally do not like clip shows. I generally do not watch clip shows.
I have learned from Tokusatsu over th

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