Mixed BreadExplicit

by Kayla Pitts

The comfort food of podcasts: This is a podcast created by a young woman from the state everyone forgets about, who wanted to interview guests while making a bread recipe. Asking all the questions you've been wondering and getting answers from all the people you've never wondered about. Like, Did your parents do a good job raising you? Are aliens real? What is the life cycle of a male nurse? And so much more than you ever want... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E03 - Fashion Foodie

    S02 E03 - Fashion Foodie

    Holy smokes we've gone remote! This episode I interview the fantastic Tony Vincente, CEO of the fashion company Rossario George while the two of us make pizza's together from 2 different states.Make your own pizza along with us wh...

  • S02 E02 - Is Cinnamon Flammable?

    S02 E02 - Is Cinnamon Flammable?Explicit

    The answer is, 'Very much, yes..." Ever been curious about spinning fire? How about spiritual retreats? Polyamory? Check out this episode where I discuss these topics and more with the one and only Summer Skye.Summer's Socials...

  • S02 E01 - Dead Bread

    S02 E01 - Dead BreadExplicit

    Wouldn't mess with a family of witches, and a grandmother who can cuts clouds with a knife.. My lovely guest Casey teaches me about el Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) and together we bake the traditional offering of Pan d...

  • Trailer

    S02 - Mixed Bread Season 2 Update!

    S02 - Mixed Bread Season 2 Update!

    We've been on hiatus but we're Back! Here's a short update on what to expect from Season 2 of Mixed Bread Podcast. New Episodes coming soon![Mixed Bread Podcast]Thank you for tuning in and joining me on this new creative journey, ...

  • Season 1

  • S01 E07 - Make Art! Express It Arts!

    S01 E07 - Make Art! Express It Arts!Explicit

    How would you feel if I interviewed your mom? I'll have to ask Caleb the next time I see him, because my guest this episode is his mom, and the owner/instructor at Express It Arts, Denise! You wouldn't believe what happens with ou...