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Ep#10 Naomi Anderson-Subryan - On collages, jelly cake ceramics and social media comparison

Mimi by Melanie Johnsson

Episode notes

In today’s episode, I talk to Naomi Anderson-Subryan, an illustrator and maker from the UK. Naomi grew up wanting to be an actor but ended up falling in love with illustration while studying at Camberwell in London. We chatted about her work, which is so unique, colourful and kitsch. We explored her feelings navitaging illustration, collage and ceramics and being inspired by pop culture. We also talked about some of the struggles that come with being in the creative industry and what her dream projects are for the coming months. Naomi just installed her newest work at the Dog & Bone Gallery in Brighton - it looks very yummy and I hope you’ll go see it next time you visit. I hope you enjoy our chat!

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