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Ep#22 David Shillinglaw - On the magic of travelling alone, the need for sketchbooks and the power of zines

Mimi by Melanie Johnsson

Episode notes

In today's episode, I meet with british artist David Shillinglaw in his Margate studio, surrounded by colourful artworks from both his collection and his partner's Lily Mixe (who also sat with us, working on a piece in the background).

It was lovely recording this chat in person, seeing David in his environment and observing his paintings, notebooks and other curiosities up close.

We covered a lot of grounds in our chat, from the magic of travelling on your own to the power of making zines as well as his love of sketchbooks.

David also told me how he started out as an artist and what's coming next for him...

It was a super interesting chat and I really you enjoy it! Now, let's meet David...

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