Episode 72: "The Hazing" Discussion

Midnight Terrors by Kevin Roche

Episode notes

Midnight Terrors is back with an all new episode and something really great for the holiday season! This week on Midnight Terrors, Kevin is joined by new friend of the show, Brian of The Reviewing History Podcast, to tackle a movie that is a hidden gem to this day! Kevin and Brian team up to tackle 2004's The Hazing! What makes this movie such a hidden treasure in the genre? What is the backstory of the picking of this movie for the show? Why should you see this movie asap? Find out now on episode 72 of The Midnight Terrors Podcast!

In collaboration with the Reviewing History Podcast, this episode is also being released in correlation to the release of their special bonus Christmas Bonus Podcast! Released via Bandcamp today, their new Charity episode "This Ain't No Whack Christmas" is now available for purchase this Holiday season! The epi ... 

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