Episode 10: Brandon Mergard

Conversations with Coaches by Brandon Mergard

Episode notes

Here’s to the season finale of Conversations with Coaches! Today, MGSCC© CEO Brandon James Mergard will be sharing profound insights on stakeholder-focused coaching. We are excited to explore some burning questions submitted by coaches from across the globe and learn about the transformative impact of this approach on leadership.We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our listeners, commenters, and avid sharers who have been a part of this incredible journey throughout the first season. This episode marks the culmination of a remarkable chapter, and we're thrilled to announce an even more captivating second season. Get ready for invaluable tips, real-life experiences, illuminating case studies, and interviews with top coaching experts.This is a golden opportunity to delve deeper into the power of this exceptional methodology, poised to  ... 

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